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Pre-Need Funeral Contract

Decide for yourself.

Even if the thought is perhaps unpleasant, it is a good idea to look at the subjects of death and grieving before they happen, and to take care of the related formalities in advance, so that you have adequate time and space to deal with all issues. In this way you can rest assured that everything will be done in accordance with your wishes, and you also relieve your family of a heavy burden.


In Germany, it is possible to conclude a Pre-Need Funeral Contract specifying your wishes and preferences, and taking care of all the financial details. You can arrange almost everything in this contract, from the type of funeral (whether cremation or burial) to the type of flower arrangement on the coffin. Many people often also decide in advance what they wish to wear and what should be placed in the coffin with them.


This contract is governed by German law, is binding, and is valid beyond the death of the contracting party. This means that your heirs cannot intervene to alter the details of the funeral you have chosen.


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